Brokerage, Sales/Purchases
Representing the seller of a property : according to the type of property and the economic climate, we organise and set up the best sales strategy with the client, in order to achieve the best terms for the sale.

Representing the buyer : support and advice to the investor in view of purchasing a property, first analysis with identification of the future risks and opportunities (legal, technical and commercial, possible optimisation), negotiations on behalf of the buyer. Search mandate possible.

Brokerage, Rental
Representing the tenant : in view of renegotiating the tenancy agreement, transfer or sublet in the case of a move or of surface optimisation.

Search mandates : we search for your future retail premises or offices, define the search criteria, indicate market rents and the situation in terms of supply, search and negotitations with the other party.

Representing the owner in view of searching for a tenant, establishing the best strategy according to the client’s objectives, advice on the price, search for a tenant, negotiations and establishing the tenancy agreement.

Active Property Management – Performance Optimisation
We have over 20 years’ experience in comprehensive property management of residential and commercial buildings for national institutional clients, listed or private real estate firms. However our services are limited to active management in view of optimising the performance of properties, which can be done using local property rules for day-to-day management.

Assessment of Buildings and Portfolios
We work with Wüest&Partner on the assessment of buildings using the DCF (Discounted Cash Flow) model.